Logo work for recording studio Queen City Sound.  A main logo was created utilizing some iconic building silhouettes from the Denver, CO skyline.  Also, a simplified horizontal version for large banners and general horizontal spaces with easy readability in mind.  A small stamp was designed for smaller spaces.   

Logo work for rock band Champagne Charlie.  I had a blast working on this project as the band was very involved.  With the crossed wine glasses it's easy to get the skull and cross bones concept.  Logo used for websites along with stickers and screen printed apparel.  

Logo work for rock band Champagne Charlie.  An updated variation of their iconic logo intended for an embroidered patch.  Inspired by motorcycle club jackets.

Logo work for rock band Champagne Charlie's 2014 Summer Tour.  The bands lead singer has a very larger beard and mustache.  Stickers were made to give away to fans at their concerts along the way.  The logo was also used as the main art concept for their individual event location gig posters and handbills.

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